• Tuesday, March 26, 4:00 pm -- Watch an Oz movie (but it won't be the one you think!)
  • Tuesday, April 2, 4:00 pm -- Steampunk Party. Celebrate the release of the new book "Clockwork Princess"
  • Saturday, April 6, 10:00 am -- Edible Book Festival. Create an edible display based on a book and bring it to be judged!
  • Tuesday, April 9, 4:00 pm -- Get ready for National Safety Pin Day with safety pin crafts
  • Tuesday, April 23, 4:00 pm -- Shakespeare's Birthday Party!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Great Summer Teen Read-a-Thon!

It's that time of year again! Time to read and EARN PRIZES! We've got a great line-up of prizes again this summer: gift certificates to local businesses, T-shirts, books, games, and more!

All you have to do is READ! We don't care what you read: Hunger Games, War and Peace, graphic novels, comic books, the side of the cereal box, your text messages.... just READ! Listening to audiobooks counts, too!

Stop by the library between June 11 and August 11 and pick up your official "Get in the Spirit of Reading" chart. Record how many minutes you read. Bring the chart back to the library and get five prize lottery tickets, along with a free book or a Papa Murphy's Pizza coupon.

Fill in as many reading charts as you want! The more you read, the more tickets you receive. At the end of the summer we will hold our prize drawing. If your ticket is drawn, you win the prize!! WooHoo!


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